FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register?
  • When is the registration deadline?
  • Are the courses for everyone or just management?
  • When can I begin my course(s)?
  • How do I log in or access my course(s)?
  • Is the username and password cap-sensitive?
  • I lost my email, what is the link to access my course(s)?
  • I don't remember my username and password, and have no idea where my email log in email is?
  • What happens if I can't finish the course by the deadline?
  • Why do I have trouble logging back in after logging out? (The screen looks different.)
  • Which browser should I use to access Bowling University online courses?

Click on the " Register Now" link to register for the current session. 

Registration Deadline for the upcoming session is at the latest the first Thursday of the month.  Click here for Important Dates.

Bowling University has several courses we recommend that all staff take and several others are for anyone working in a specific area of the center.  

Recommended courses for all staff:

  • Service Standard (14101CS)
  • Navigating & Reducing Customer Complaints (16102CS) 
  • Implementing Service Standards (10201CS) 
  • Promoting Sales Inside The Center (13150MS) 

Should you have any questions selecting the best course(s) for you and your team, please email Sheri Owens (sheri@bpaa.com) or Gerald Morrow (gerald@bpaa.com).

Courses begin on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  You will receive an email prior to this day with all the information you will need to access your course(s).  Just a reminder that you MUST register for courses by the first Thursday of the month.

Click on "Course Access" under the "What's Next?" section of this page.  You can also follow the link in the welcome email you will receive containing all your information.  Lastly, you may also click on or copy and paste the following link: 

Yes - It is best if you copy and paste your username and password directly from your welcome email.

Just click on "Course Access" under the "What's Next? section on this page - If you need your username and password, please contact Sheri Owens (sheri@bpaa.com) or Gerald Morrow (gerald@bpaa.com
Contact Sheri Owens ( sheri@bpaa.com) or Gerald Morrow (gerald@bpaa.com).  Your supervisor or manager may also have a copy of your email with this information.
If you are unable to complete a course by the scheduled end date, please save all of your activities and assignments to your computer prior to contacting Sheri Owens (sheri@bpaa.com) or Gerald Morrow (gerald@bpaa.com) to request taking the course again in the next session if possible.  All courses are cleared and reset each session, which means you will be starting over unless you saved your activities and assignments.

Once you log out of Bowling University, it will take you to the page of our hosting college.  You will be unable to log in from this screen and should use the link in your email, the "Course Access" link here and/or the following link:  https://aacc.instructure.com/login/canvas.  Please watch the video tutorial for more information.

We recommend that you use the latest version of Firefox Mozilla.  Click here for more information and to download Firefox.

*On Demand Online Training and Online Education and Management Certification Program are both available to member centers for $99/month. Some State Associations cover the cost for their member centers as a state member benefit. Not sure if your center is included? 

Give us a call at 1-800-343-1329 or email Bowling University at education@bpaa.com to get started or find out if the online training and education programs are available to your center as a state member benefit.