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On Demand Online Training

Bowling University On Demand Online Training

Welcome to On Demand Online Education & Training!

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Training & Education when you need it - Ready, Set, GO! 

Welcome to the Bowling University On Demand Online Training & Education program.  Your one stop for all things related to On Demand Online Training!

On Demand Online courses are designed for not only new hires, but all team members.  

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  • Register Your Center
  • Send Employees a Link
  • Begin Online Training Immediately
As a BPAA member can now enrich your entire team all in one place with the Bowling University Online On Demand Education and Training Program. Many of you requested and we listened, the online courses are now all in one learning environment and available on demand.


The new online program is now designed for not only new hires and front line team members but all team members including managers and supervisors. Once a center is registered as a center, your state subscription or monthly subscription provides  access to ALL Education and Training courses.



Now every employee can take as many courses as they would like, without limits or pre-registration. All courses are now topic based, meaning course length is never over an hour, in fact most courses range from 15-30 mins. Ranging from compliance courses the entire staff should take to front line courses to improve the guest experience and management level courses for the experienced team member, everything is in one place and available on demand.


Click Here to view on the Bowling University YouTube Channel

 Don't stress!  We are here to help you get the most out of the Bowling University On Demand Online  Education & Training Program.  Email us at or call us at 817-385-8431.

Online On Demand Training and Education is available to member centers for $99/month. Most State Associations cover the cost for their member centers as a state member benefit. Not sure if your center is included?

Give us a call at 817-385-8431 or email Bowling University at to get started or find out if the online training and education programs are available to your center as a state member benefit.

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