Welcome to Bowling

Welcome to BowlingOne of the most significant days for a new employee is day one of the new job. They come to work with anxieties, mixed emotions and lots of questions.

It is critically important that each employee leaves with answered questions, a new respect for bowling, and an excitement for the job.

Welcome to Bowling will accomplish this in four lessons:

  • The Evolution of Bowling – an in-depth look at bowling from its inception to the exciting work of today’s bowling centers. This lesson will give employees a totally new perspective of the bowling industry.
  • Dynamics of a Bowling Center – this lesson gives a new employee a look at the inner workings of a bowling center. It describes the components of a center, puts names on areas and equipment, and takes a look at different jobs within the operation.
  • Bowling's Customers – an interesting lesson that paints a picture of the wide variety of people who visit our centers. This lesson also takes a look at different
  • The Bowling Industry – this is a brief look at all the integers within the bowling industry. It serves to show a new employee the depth and scope of the industry.

Staff Tutorials

Course Introduction

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Lesson 1: Evolution of Bowling

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Lesson 2: Dynamics of Bowling

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Lesson 3: Our Customers

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