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On Demand Online Training FAQs

Bowling University On Demand Online Training

Training when you need it - Ready, Set, GO! 

Don't stress!  We are here to help you get the most out of the Bowling University On Demand Online Education and Training program.

  • How does my center start using the On Demand Online Training?
  • Is there a registration deadline?
  • Are the On Demand Online Training courses for everyone?
  • When can I begin my training courses?
  • How do I log in or access my course(s)?
  • Is the username and password case-sensitive?
  • I lost my email, what is the link to access my course(s)?
  • How long do I have to complete a course?
  • Can I complete my training on a mobile device?
  • Do these courses satisfy the requirement for the BPAA certifications?

Beginning in the third quarter of 2021 students completing courses in the Online Education and Training Program will have a variety of options regarding the certifications they might seek to achieve. The first question you may ask yourself is: Why am I participating in this program and what would I like to achieve?

If you enter the program looking for expert training on a specific topic area but have no desire to achieve certification, you may choose to simply select a series of courses fitting your needs. For example, if you are looking for information or training regarding hiring practices and techniques, you may elect to take Operations courses. These courses will be an effective tool to expand your own knowledge and can later be applied towards certification if you decide to continue in the program at a later time.

If you are entering the program specifically to attain certification in one of the specialized areas, you have three options: Marketing and Sales, Food and Beverage, and Facility Maintenance. A certificate in one of these three specialty tracts would require the completion of all courses within the program as well as a final capstone project. 

If you choose to pursue the Leadership and Operations Management certification, you are required to complete the 53 available courses as well as all four capstone projects.

If you have completed courses in the old Online Education program through Anna Arundel Community College in 2019 or 2020 some your courses can be applied toward your program achievements. 

There is no registration deadline.  Once a center is registered and built in the system, the access code and link allows for any team member to begin taking courses immediately.


There are courses designed for new hires and front line team members as well as experienced managers and owners.  New hires and front line courses are so new hire team members can begin their training immediately, even before interacting with your guests, but courses are also a great foundation for all current team members. Additionally, compliance type courses such as Bowling Center Safety, Anti-Harassment, Robbery Preparedness and many more allow you a way to have a digital record for each team member.

Should you have any questions selecting the best course(s) for you and your team, please email us at

As a student, you can begin your courses as soon as you complete the self registration process.  Of course, the center must be registered and active in the On Demand Education and Training system.

Click on "Student Log in" under the "Let's Go?" section of this page.  You can also follow the link in the email you receive after you complete the registration process.

Yes both your username and password are case-sensitive.

Just click on "Student Log In" under the "Let's Go?" section on this page - If you need your username, please contact us at

Once you click on a course and start it, you will have 2 weeks from then to complete the course.  Your manager or supervisor may require you to complete the course(s) sooner.  Always consult your manager or supervisor if you have questions about completion times.

Yes! - The On Demand Online Education and Training program is designed to operate on all devices and is responsive.  While you can complete your training courses on your phone, it is not recommend due to the smaller screen size. 

The new courses are very similar in content to the courses that were in the Online Education and Management Certification Program where each course covered multiple topics and were moderated by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for guidance and direction. Now that all the courses are in one place new requirements will be developed. In the time being we recommend those seeking certifications to complete all the courses in the program. Currently all of the certification options are on hold until later this year. Check back to the this web site or contact us at for further details on requirements on eligibility to advance to the topic capstone projects. 

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