• Service Standards for Managers (17101CS)
  • Implementing Service Standards (17201CS)
  • Service Training Lab (10301CS)

This course is a supervisor/manager course building on Introduction to Services Standards, helping managers develop mission and vision statements and build customer service standards to support them.

Course Lessons and Objectives:

Lesson 1

  • Define Customer Service in actionable terms.
  • Understand the relation between Customer Service and your center’s success.
  • Analyze how a Mission Statement and Company Values Statement can be a driving force fueling your center’s success.

Lesson 2

  • Understand the need to differentiate your center.
  • See your center from a visitor’s perspective.
  • Recognize the layers that make up customer service.

Lesson 3

  • Define a Customer Service baseline in terms of your bowling center.
  • Understand different customer service theories.
  • Establish a baseline to implement in your bowling center.
  • Think about service standards that would be a good fit for your center.

Implementing Service Standards (17201CS) - Manager/Supervisor Focus

This course shows students how to implement and measure the effectiveness of the service standards developed in the previous customer service class. Through better communication, a series of exercises, and proper training procedures, they learn how to create staff buy-in for these standards.

Course Lessons and Objectives:

Lesson 1

  • Relate all aspects of your center’s goals to your customer service initiative.
  • Prepare to roll out service standards to your center’s employees.
  • Engage your customers purposefully to find out what they want.

Lesson 2

  • Train your employees to excel in delivering your Customer Service standards.
  • Understand how to set a baseline standard for your center.
  • Empower your employees to handle Customer Service issues that may arise.
  • Evaluate the layers of Customer Service to implement in your center.

Lesson 3

  • Appreciate the benefits of catching employees doing things right.
  • Evaluate a rewards and recognition program.
  • Learn ways to handle employee conflicts.
  • Understand the need to create clear consequences for ignoring the center’s standards or delivering sub-standard performance.

Service Training Lab (10301CS)-

This lab course has students complete a series of assignments, developing implementation strategies for their center's customer service standards and training practices.

Lab Topics and Objectives:

Lab Topic 1

  • Coordinate all of the initiatives taking place in your center.
  • Analyze your customer base.
  • Apply population statistics to your center.
  • Create surveys as needed to get to know your customers.

Lab Topic 2

  • Introduce the Mission and Vision/Company Values to employees and customers.
  • Understand the importance of these statements in providing direction to employees.
  • Recognize what characterizes a great statement.

Lab Topic 3

  • Work with staff members to create service standards.
  • Develop training techniques to ensure consistent delivery of service.
  • Establish the minimum acceptable standard of service in the center.
  • Evaluate the layers of Customer Service to implement in your center.
  • Empower employees, bringing out their abilities to deliver exceptional service.

Lab Topic 4

  • Fine-tune the implementation of service standards.
  • Monitor service delivery for consistency issues.
  • Formulate a plan to remedy implementation issues.
  • Evaluate methods of recognition and rewards to provide incentive to employees.

*Although not required it is strongly recommended that both Service Standards (09101CS) and Implementing Service Standards (10201CS) be taken prior to this course as it often references project from these two courses.