• Online Training and Management Certification Program
  • Food and Beverage Operations (10CPFB)
  • Marketing and Sales Management (10CPMS)
  • Facility Maintenance Management (10CPM)
  • Leadership and Operations Management (10CPL)

Students entering the Online Training and Management Certification Program have a variety of options regarding the courses they take and the certifications they achieve. The first question you may ask yourself is: Why am I participating in this program and what would I like to achieve?

If you enter the program looking for expert training on a specific topic area but have no desire to achieve certification, you may choose to simply select a series of courses fitting your needs. For example, if you are looking for information or training regarding hiring practices and techniques, you may elect to take a couple of the human resource courses. These courses will be an effective tool to expand your own knowledge and can later be applied towards certification if you decide to continue in the program at a later time.

If you are entering the program specifically to attain certification in one of the specialized areas, you have three options: Marketing and Sales, Food and Beverage, and Facility Maintenance. A certificate in one of these three specialty tracts would require the completion of all courses within the topic area as well as a series of required and elective courses and a final capstone project. The total number of courses to complete certification in a specialty tract is eight online courses and one capstone project.

If you choose to pursue the Leadership and Operations Management certification, you are required to complete 32 courses as well as all four capstone projects.

This capstone project requires students to complete a series of assignments where they walk through the process of developing a better functioning food service profit center by taking measures to decrease costs and increase sales volumes.


  • Basic Food and Beverage Operations
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Inventory and Portion Controls
  • Bar Administration
  • Any two Supervisory Skills electives
  • Any one Human Resource electives
  • Any one Finance elective
  • Food and Beverage Capstone

This capstone project requires students to complete a series of assignments as they design an annual marketing plan that can then be implemented in their center.


  • Introduction to Strategic Marketing
  • Building and Retaining a Customer Base
  • Customer Demographics and Segmentation
  • Promoting Sales Inside the Center
  • Promoting Sales Outside the Center
  • Developing an Annual Sales & Promotions Plan
  • Any one Supervisory Skills elective
  • Any one Customer Service elective
  • Marketing and Sales Capstone

This capstone project requires students to analyze their center’s current maintenance operations and staff levels and develop a system for increasing productivity while limiting machine down time.


  • Maintenance Department Management
  • Center Maintenance Guidelines
  • Maintenance Tracking, Monitoring and Budgeting
  • Performance Standards and Accountability
  • Any two Supervisory Skills electives
  • Any one Human Resource elective
  • Any one Customer Service elective
  • Maintenance Productivity Capstone

This course is the graduate course of studies specialty certification capstone project. A student must complete a total of 32 online courses and have achieved the three previous certifications before enrolling in this final capstone project.

This capstone project is the final component to the overall graduate course of studies certification in the Online Training and Management Certification Program. Students review the lessons covered in the program and complete a series of final assignments helping them to develop a future plan for their center and themselves.

**Capstone Projects for Certification are an additional cost and are not covered under the online subscription services.

*On Demand Online Training and Online Education and Management Certification Program are both available to member centers for $99/month.  Some State Associations cover the cost for their member centers as a state member benefit.  Not sure if your center is include? Give us a call at 1-800-343-1329 or email Bowling University at education@bpaa.com to find out if the online training and education program is available to your center as a state member benefit.