Covid—Non-Returning Fall League Bowlers

Many Centers Around The Country Fall Leagues Have Started! NOW WHAT!?! 

Join Bart Burger from the BPAA and Mike Larsen from the USBC as they discuss communicating with lapsed fall league bowlers during COVID-19. This session discusses how to identify non-returning fall league bowlers from YOUR center as well as how local bowling centers can partner with their local USBC association with a communication and activation partnership.

Resuming Operations – Restrooms

Your restrooms have always been critical to a positive guest perception of your center. In the post COVID-19 world, clean, and sanitized  restrooms will be even more crucial to gain and keep your guests trust in your ability to provide a safe entertainment experience. This guide will help you develop a plan to ensure your restrooms meet health standards and guest expectations.  Presented by ECOLAB and the Texas Restaurant Association.

Learn What Other Operators Are Doing About Social Distancing & Sanitation to Make Their Guests Feel Safe While Bowling.

You have made the decision to open back up your facility.  The team is rehired, trained on your new safety and sanitation measures, now you are challenged with operating under the new Social Distancing & Sanitation Guidelines.  While your state or even local government may set some overriding guidelines, it is going to be up to you as the operator to define what those look like at your location.

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