BPAA Reopening Resource Center

It is said that you never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression, but during these unprecedented times, you DO in fact get that 2nd chance to make a first impression with your guests! The decision of When and How to reopen your facility is a difficult and personal decision. When you and your team are ready, BPAA is here to help.

Welcome to the “BPAA Reopening Resource Center”. The goal of the resource center is to provide operators the tools, best practices, and resources to help you reopen your business to the public. Resources are separated into 6 different categories Marketing, Staffing, Bowling, Food & Beverage, Attractions, and Resources. While no two businesses in America today will reopen exactly the same and under the same state and local guidelines, use the resources that make sense for your business model.

**The information provided on this resource center is of a general nature. These resources are not intended to be fully comprehensive, nor to provide legal guidance or opinion relative to any national, state, or local Executive Orders to reopening your business. Members are encouraged to follow ALL Federal, State, and Local reopening and operating guidelines and seek legal advice for their specific purposes.**