On Demand Online Training Courses

Training when you need it - Ready, Set, GO! 

Welcome to the Bowling University On Demand Online Training program.  

On Demand Online Training courses are designed for new hires and front line team members.  

Available Courses:

  • Active Shooter Preparedness
    • Learn how to deal with an active shooter situation based on materials from the US Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. Preparedness and Awareness are keys to helping protect our team members, our guests and ourselves./span>
  • Robbery Preparedness
    • Learn what to do and how to handle a robbery in the center. While we might not think about being robbed, it is better to be prepared and understand what to do before, during and after a robbery.
  • Incident Response & Reporting
    • Learn some basics of what to do when an incident happens at your facility. The proper responding and reporting aids the prevention of future incidents and also provides a safe and fun environment for our guest and team members.
  • Anti-Harassment
    • Learn how to provide a harassment-free environment for team members, as well as guests.
  • CPR Basics for Everyone - Adult & Child
    • Identifying what to do in an emergency, can be the difference between life and death.*
  • Infant CPR Basics
    • Learn emergency techniques on what to do with an infant in an emergency, which can be the difference between life and death.*
  • Social Media Awareness
    • Train employees to understand what social media is and how to make the right choices when using it.
  • Telephone Etiquette
    • Train employees to understand the seven steps to perfect telephone etiquette.
  • Bowling Center Safety Training
    • Ensure team members work and guests play safely at your center.
  • Introduction to Service Standards
    • Train employees to deliver consistent, outstanding customer service.
  • Navigating and Reducing Customer Complaints
    • Train team members to utilize methods and approaches in handling customer complaints.
  • Introduction to Promoting Sales Inside the Center
    • Train team members in proven selling techniques, matching the correct product to the guest.
  • Food & Beverage Sales and Service
    • Identify best practices within food and beverage to provide exceptional customer service – no matter if your center has a snack bar or a full service restaurant.
  • Once your center is registered, your team has access to ALL training courses.  
    Contact us at education@bpaa.com or register your center today by clicking on the "center registration" link on the right.

    *These courses adhere to the latest regulations from the American Red Cross and American Heart Association.

    *On Demand Online Training and Online Education and Management Certification Program are both available to member centers for $99/month. Some State Associations cover the cost for their member centers as a state member benefit. Not sure if your center is included? 

    Give us a call at 1-800-343-1329 or email Bowling University at education@bpaa.com to get started or find out if the online training and education programs are available to your center as a state member benefit.