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Face to Face Education

This page tells about the Management Schools.

Whether you are a manager or are striving to become a manager in a bowling or bowling-anchored entertainment center, we have several opportunities each year to help you grow your knowledge or, if you are a proprietor, grow the knowledge of your key staff.

Students attending these courses receive valuable one-on-one time with some of the best bowling and entertainment center business people the industry has to offer. If anyone aspires to further their career in bowling or bowling-anchored entertainment centers, these schools should be the destination of choice on their career path.

In 2006, at the request of the BPAA Education Committee, the first School for Bowling Center Management was established with overwhelming success. As the program progressed, a standardized class was established at the International Bowling Campus once each year. Although any company or organization can host a custom content class, state and regional associations — as a benefit to members — have dominated the program’s availability over the past few years.

In 2012, each of the first two years’ selling out to capacity proved the need for an entertainment-based management school. This led to the creation of the School of Entertainment Center Management.

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I learned more in a few days than the last 8 years of ownership.


Bill Froberg Kelley’s Bowl - St. Joseph, MI

This program exceeded my expectations and is a great use of time and resources for me (a proprietor) and my staff.


George Sutherland Kingpins - Seymour, Bedford and Fort Wayne, IN

You will NOT go wrong attending this class. The knowledge you gain is unstoppable and limitless. The tools you acquire will only help you and your center.


Zach Feree- Quicks Lanes - Plymouth, IN

Although I have over 30 years of experience in the bowling business, I am amazed with the amount of in-depth education, resources, and information I obtained from BPAA’s Management School.

Thank you, Bowling University Team!


Scott Devers, Proprietor (Executive Director Indiana Bowling Center Association) Mike Aulby’s Arrowhead Bowl - Lafayette, IN.

My assistant manager came back from management school and implemented a strategy learned at the school of not offering the cheapest package first but starting with the one giving the customer more value for their money.  It has been working.  In the last 10 days, we have booked 12 parties and 10 of them are the higher-priced packages (WHICH NEVER HAS HAPPENED BEFORE)


Cynthia Thomas Mission Bowl - Mission, KS

We used a template for a letter and coupon we received at the School for Bowling Center Management and mailed a free company party offer. One day after we mailed the coupons, I received a phone call requesting 105 more coupons to give to their employees. Our biggest request wanted an additional 270 coupons. We have booked over 15 company parties so far. They have all been purchasing food and drinks while here.  This one implementation of something we learned at the school more than paid for the entire trip.


Jason Fradenburg Richmond 40 Bowl - Richmond, IN

Whether you are new to bowling or have been in the industry a lifetime, you will be challenged and inspired to go back to your business and make immediate powerful changes to increase profits and enjoy the process.


Drew Monaghan River Lanes - Titusville, FL

I was certain the way things were done when I bought this center 21 years ago weren't the ways they are done today.  The School for Bowling Center Management showed me how to reinvent my center and my thought process.


Scott McLean Owner 21 yrs. Lumberton Bowling Ctr. - Lumberton, NC

Using the new ways we learned in Management School to structure the parties with hostesses and packaging, I have had weekends filled with the new party packages – an increase of 75% in weekend bookings in just 3 months.  This equates to not only more than $65,000 in additional revenue but also to a significant increase in our customer satisfaction!


Robyn Barker Proprietor/Manager at Westside Lanes - Missoula, MT

Future Classes

School for Bowling Center Management
When: April 23-28, 2023
Where: International Bowling Campus

School of Entertainment Center Management
When: October 1-6 2023
Where: International Bowling Campus 

Custom Content Schools for Bowling Center Management
More information on a Custom Content class near you.



The mission of the BPAA is to enhance the profitability of its members. These management schools help accomplish this mission by empowering their students through education and training.


The vision of each of the management schools is to increase the number of proprietors and managers who operate their centers effectively, helping increase the profitability of the centers as well as enhancing the public's perception of bowling centers through proper operating procedures.

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