Making Sure Your Guests Feel Safe in Your Facility!
Kelly Bednar
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Making Sure Your Guests Feel Safe in Your Facility!

The all new Guest Messaging Resources are available for your use.  The collateral is formatted in 5 X 8 table tents, 8 ½ X 11 flyers as well as 22 X 28 posters with both bleeds and no bleeds depending on how you want to print and use them. Do not forget Smart Buy partner Office Depot can print 22 X 28 posters, as well as the 5 X 8 table tents and deliver to your center.  In addition to the print materials to use in center, there are digital assets for use on your social media to let your customers know you are a safe, sanitized, and ready to roll!

Not only is it important to have the proper sanitation and safety practices in place for your guests, you need to communicate to them what you are doing and visually give them a sense of safety and security.  The resources are divided into 2 different campaigns. 

The “Safe, Sanitized, Ready to Roll!” campaign is a in your face campaign designed for locations that are going to have extremely strict guidelines to allow guests back in your center.  In this messaging it is NOT about a catchy headline but letting guests know specifically what you are doing to maintain a safe environment.  It is committing you the business to some specific criteria you will be doing.  Not every center will need to start with this campaign.

The “Ready for Some Good, Clean Fun!” campaign still focuses on making guest feel secure but does not mention any strict guidelines you will be using.  In areas of the country where PPE, Masks, and Temperature Checks are not the norm, this would be the campaign for you.  This campaign is more about headlines and messaging but still making guests feel welcome and safe in your center.

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