Digital Marketing & Social Media Suggested Best Practice
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Digital Marketing & Social Media Suggested Best Practice

If you have continued the conversation on your social and digital channels during the center’s closure due to COVID-19, you are ahead of the game and one step closer to being on the top of their list of places to go when they can get out of the house.

If you haven’t continued the conversation, now is a great time to start as you are reopening.  Keep with your current digital & social channels and don’t look to jump on a new platform.


Content to get started immediately is available from Bowling University, whether you are waiting to open or are open and welcoming customers back.

Digital Marketing Resources - COVID-19

On this page, you will find two galleries to help you in either campaign.  The Bowling University Team is continuing to add content to these galleries.

  • #BowlingStrong – Gallery with resources (Videos & Memes) to stay top of mind with your guests and spark engagement.

  • #GoBowling – Gallery with resources (Videos & Memes) to remind people bowling is back and you are open. 

Additional resources are available via Strike Ten Entertainment’s Social Media Content Bank. If you have questions or need assistance with the STE Social Media Content Bank, please contact Toby Brown - 

If you have questions about how to post content to your digital platforms, Bowling University is available to help answer your questions.  Email us at or give us a call.

Suggestions and/or Recommended Best Practices


  • Use your database and send specific messages to your different groups or audiences. (ie, Birthdays, league bowlers, arcade players, general open play...etc.)

  • Be sensitive and let them know you are in this together with them and are offering an opportunity or solution to get out of the house while being in a safe environment.

  • Share your new policies and procedures to keep them safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Avoid emails which are all about selling, unless they can make the purchase via the email to secure a special which might only be available prior to your reopening.

  • Increase your email frequecy as you get closer to the grand reopening and after the reopening for the next 30-45 days.

    • Show your guests why they should come visit, instead of telling them.

Social Media

  • Continue to use the social channel(s) you are already using and/or focus on one and doing it really well, instead of spreading yourself thin and doing a partial job on each.

  • Post early and often beginning now, if you are not already, and continuing through your reopening and for the 30-60 days after the reopening.

  • VIDEO is KING!  Use video whenever possible and keep them clear and concise with a single message or point.

  • Show & Share what is being done to keep them safe.  

    • If you have done or are doing deep cleaning before the reopening this is a great visual to share.

    • Show new signage to make everyone aware of social distancing.

    • Share your efforts in the community if you are feeding first responders and/or essential personnel for banks or other community businesses.

    • Show upgrades, updates and what’s new when guests visit.

  • Avoid selling and humanize your center, employees and guests.  This can be done again by sharing behind-the-scene looks at what is or has been going on to get ready for the guests and their family.

  • Post and share images and videos which will create engagement and keep the center top of mind (See Resources Above).

  • Like and follow guests who like and/or follow your page.  Begin liking their posts to show the center is listening and engaged on social media.

  • If you have a reopening date, create and share the event on Facebook.  Begin a countdown to the reopening.

  • Manage expectations for when you reopen by letting guests know what to expect by showing them your new cleaning procedures between guests and thank them for their patience.

  • Monitor your social channel feed and direct message feature since guests will use this to communicate and expect a timely response.  Be honest and provide accurate information when responding. 

  • Develop a plan, schedule and assign duties accordingly to maintain a consistent and effective campaign.


  • Update and keep the center’s website up-to-date with the latest information.

  • Make hours of operation easily accessible and adjust based on local regulations if necessary.

  • Have a contact number visible which is answered, forwarded and/or has an accurate recorded message with information.

  • Direct and encourage guests to follow and like your social channel for the latest information.

  • Share videos, pictures and information about how the center is adhering to national, state and local guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Share information about updated cleaning procedures.

  • Offer options to book business prior to the reopening (i.e., purchase a package to be used once the center is open).

  • Have a way to capture information, to add these guests to the center’s database.

    • Consider a contest or offer in exchange for their email address and valid contact information.

  • Respond in less than 24 hours to emails coming in via forms on the website.

  • Check and update SEO information to help the center appear in Google listings.

  • Verify and update your Google Business Listing with appropriate hours.

  • As with anytime, focus on accurate information and a way for guests to contact the center if they have a question.

SMS (Text Messaging)

If you don’t have a current SMS program in place, this might not be the best time to start during the reopening.

For those who have a SMS program in place, this is a great time to plan and prepare your reopening SMS campaigns and schedule these.  Keep a few things in mind with SMS campaigns:

  • Target/segment your messages if possible

  • Consider the number of messages per week and/or frequency

  • Strategy for capturing cell numbers via website, social and in center before and during reopening.

  • What is the call to action? 

Remember to continue the conversations on your social and digital channels during the center’s closure, reopening and well after the reopening.  While the message and the frequency will change with time, the mindset of showing and sharing should continue.  Social media is called social for a reason and this is because people want to interact with your center.

Continue to capture data from your guests and remember to target your messages to them.  Good marketing means getting the right product in front of the right guest at the right time which will lead to them engaging in the offer.

Finally, remember to schedule campaigns in advance to provide a clear and consistent message across all of your digital platforms.  While it is a lot of work, it can be done and is a valuable tool in the overall marketing strategy to engage with your guests and keep them coming back.

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