CDC guidelines for sanitizing your food and beverage operation.

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Trust is key. To keep your guests coming back you must demonstrate your commitment to frequent and on-going sanitization standards. Only then will you be able to establish trust and confidence in your hygiene practices. By following CDC guidelines for keeping sick team members at home, maintaining social distancing, and increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing, you will demonstrate your commitment to providing a safe and clean recreation environment for both your guests and team-members.

Operational Readiness: Guidance to Safely Resume F&B Operations

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With so many boxes needing to be checked, how can you be sure you have a comprehensive plan to re-open your food service facility? This 2-page overview from the Texas Restaurant Association and ECOLAB is a high level summary you can use to insure your center has all the bases covered for a successful and safe re-opening.

Discover Cleaning and Disinfecting Best Practices and Recommendations of F&B related Equipment.

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In the food and beverage operation cleaning and sanitizing has always been the norm. But COVID-19 has changed the way we perform those tasks. Now that you are cleaned up and ready to re-open your doors to guests hungry for food, fun and entertainment, how do you keep your food and beverage related equipment clean, sanitary, disinfected and safe? Learn what others are doing to gain and keep their guests' trust.

Learn What Other Operators Are Doing About Social Distancing & Sanitation To Make Their Guests Feel Safe In The Area of Food & Beverage.

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You have made the decision to open back up your facility. The team is rehired, trained on your new safety and sanitation measures, now you are challenged with operating under the new Social Distancing & Sanitation Guidelines. While your state or even local government may set some overriding guidelines, it is going to be up to you as the operator to define what those look like at your location.