Discover Cleaning and Disinfecting Best Practices and Recommendations of F&B related Equipment.
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Discover Cleaning and Disinfecting Best Practices and Recommendations of F&B related Equipment.

In the food and beverage operation cleaning and sanitizing has always been the norm. But COVID-19 has changed the way we perform those tasks. Now that you are cleaned up and ready to re-open your doors to guests hungry for food, fun and entertainment, how do you keep your food and beverage related equipment clean, sanitary, disinfected and safe? Learn what others are doing to gain and keep their guests' trust. 

COVID-19 is taking our food and beverage sanitizing/disinfecting practices to a level few of us imagined. Yet in order to survive these new practices will have to become the norm fat least for the foreseeable future. Below is a list of standards developed by various industry professionals and your fellow proprietors. Bowling University is not endorsing or recommending these ideas but instead are providing them to you to aid you in developing your own center policies and procedures.

How frequently should I disinfect?

  • Host Stand including all equipment, and all high touch point areas, at least once per hour.

  • Service stations, service carts, beverage stations, counters, and handrails, should be sanitized at least once per hour.

  • POS terminals assigned to a single team member should be sanitized between each user and before and after each shift. If multiple team members are assigned to a POS terminal, they should sanitize their hands after each use.

  • Snack bar counter, tables, bar tops, stools and chairs sanitized after each use. Remember some of these surfaces are considered food contact surfaces by the EPA and should be washed and rinsed after sanitizing.

  • If you are doing take out designate an area for pickup and have hand sanitizer available.

  • Serve condiments in single use containers (either disposable or washed after each use).

  • Check presenters, pens and all other reusable guest contact items should be either sanitized after each use or single use.

  • Menus should be single use and/or disposable. If reusable menus are used, sanitize them thoroughly after each use. (Guests minds can be set at ease if they see this being done)

  • To keep your efforts top of mind display posters demonstrating your commitment to keep your facility safe and clean.

  • Consider a dedicated person to continually clean areas of high touch. This will inspire confidence from your guests.

  • Trays and tray stands should be sanitized after each use.

  • Storage containers should be sanitized before and after each use.

  • Wash, rinse and sanitize all food contact surfaces by following standard procedures and labeled directions.

  • Wash, rinse and sanitize all unprotected tools and smallware’s, ice machines, bins, buckets, scoops etc.

  • Kitchens should be deep cleaned and sanitized at least once per day

  • Disinfect all door handles and equipment knobs continually

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