Learn What Other Operators Are Doing About Social Distancing & Sanitation to Make Their Guests Feel Safe While Bowling.
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Learn What Other Operators Are Doing About Social Distancing & Sanitation to Make Their Guests Feel Safe While Bowling.

Pre COVID-19 revenue management was all about lane and table turns.  A lane gone dark or a table not being utilized during peak time was lost revenue.  During this temporary normal, it is believed that second only to making sure your team members are safe, will be making your guests feel safe and secure in your facility.  Slowing down the guest experience so they can see first hand what you are doing to make them safe, will be a top priority.  

Below is a series of proposed “Best Practices” from fellow operators around the country as it relates to the bowling area.  Bowling University is not endorsing or recommending any of these for your facility.  You should always follow your state and local requirements as well as the recommendations from the CDC.  Our goal is to share with you what others are doing or attempting to do during this temporary normal.  

  • Maintaining Social Distancing by leaving a “dark” pair of lanes between groups.

  • Maintaining Social Distancing by leaving 1 “dark” lane between groups.

  • Limit over all operating hours to allow time for cleaning and sanitation.

  • Only book lanes on reservation basis only to avoid waiting list and crowds.

  • Remove ALL house balls from current racks out of customer contact.

  • Store house balls out of guest access and hand out at counter after sanitized.

  • Place a limited selection of each weight house balls on each pair being used.  Sanitize those BEFORE each use after group is assigned lane so they see the sanitation process.

  • Provide visible hand sanitation stations throughout bowler’s area.

  • Provide lane side service for F&B so guests do not leave bowlers area.

  • Provide sanitation wipe to each guest when being assigned a lane.

  • Re-sanitize rental shoes in front of guests before delivering.

  • Display Social Distancing “Signage” throughout bowling concourse.

  • Provide cashless payment options where possible.

  • Allow restricted entry and exit into facility to maintain crowd control.

  • Placing plexiglass screen at bowling control counter to separate guests from team members.

  • Having all team members in guest contact areas wear a mask for the safety of guests.

  • Having all team members in guest contact areas wear gloves for the safety of guests.

  • Hosting leagues at staggered times with 1 team per pair of lanes 

  • Hosting leagues with reduced number of games, going to 2 games rather than 3 with 1 team per pair to allow double shift with 30-minute break for cleaning.

  • To ensure safety of guests, take all team members temperature prior to starting their shift.

  • Provide LOTS of signage throughout facility to educate guests and make them feels safe.

  • Educate guests via social media channels that bowling IS safe and connecting with family and friends at our facility is a great choice using digital and video assets. 

  • Utilize a texting waitlist to avoid crowding, having guests wait out of the building while on the text list.

  • Provide a physical divider between groups.

  • Providing logoed masks for all team members.

  • Having staff assigned to cleaning with uniform “Clean Team” t-shirts.

  • Providing shoe covers as option to rental shoes.

  • Temporarily removing some tables from concourse area.

  • Provide entry level plastic balls for sale to guests to put their own ball in their hand for future use.

  • Not running any leagues or large group events this summer.

  • Provide Germ X sanitizer available from Cintas on all countertops.

  • Secure online reservation system for bowling.

  • When using online reservations ask for shoe size and bowling ball weight in advance.

  • Guests will be instructed to leave all equipment and any items used on their lane(s) after use as staff will be cleaning and sanitizing. 

  • Provide VIP full service experience to all open bowlers.

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