Post Covid-19 Redemption Store Access Tips
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Post Covid-19 Redemption Store Access Tips

Given social distancing and sanitation requirements due to Covid-19, redemption room access is not recommended as guests will most likely touch multiple items. For most packaging on the market, wiping down the products would be time-consuming and not practical. However, it is important that customers still be able to see products and pricing of available items. Here are some suggestions on how to manage re-opening the redemption room.

Best Practices for the Post Covid-19 Redemption Store

  • Using signage and employee assistance, keep lower numbers in terms of traffic in the redemption store to accommodate social distancing standards.

  • Utilize stanchions two to three feet away from the redemption walls to prevent touching of the products. 

  • Using gloves, have employees pull the items from the wall and in the instance of small items place them in a single use bag.

  • If the point of sale counter is not at the entrance of your store, create a temporary counter at the entrance. Far enough into the store that all items can be seen, but not far enough that allows for people to have free roam of the store. Utilize signage and employees to help customers choose items, bring it to the customer instead of the customer bringing it to the counter. 

  • Wipe down the counter and any screens or card readers in the store between guest use. Make sure your guests see your efforts to keep the area sanitized.

  • Place queue markers on the floor to keep guests 6 feet apart in the event of a line. 

  • Consider the use of text to alert guests it is their turn to select prizes in the store. This will alleviate lines. 

  • The use of plexiglass or acrylic borders are recommended. Redemption Plus can create affordable barriers that are see-through but will allow employees to retrieve the prizes for the customer. 

  • For bin items, if possible, move acrylic bins behind the counter or stanchions to prevent children from reaching into them. Depending on the style of your bins, you can also turn the bins around, so the openings are not public facing. In this instance, you will have staff pull products from plastic storage bins behind the counter instead of from the bins themselves. This will also keep your bins looking full without the need to replenish them daily. Small, lidded, plastic totes are affordable and can be purchased from most retail stores. 

  • Keep sanitizer handy for your guests at the entrance of the store with prominent signage prompting for use upon entering and exiting the store.

  • Stock disposable materials for hand drying and wiping.

Providing a memorable guest experience is even more challenging in our current environment. However, using all the resources at your disposal along with the right education, training, and execution we can serve our guests in a safe, clean and fun way!

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